“Who Go Marry this One?” Pretty Lady Eats 10 Packs of Noodles and 2 Eggs At Once in Video

Pretty Lady Eats 10 Packs of Noodles and 2 Eggs At Once in Video
Written by oguamakc15

A Nigerian lady generated a buzz online after she shared a video showing how her younger sibling finished 10 packs of noodles and two eggs in one sitting.

According to @savagebmc1, her sister had bragged about being able to consume 10 packs of noodles and two eggs at once, and she watched her prove it.

@savagebmc1’s TikTok video captured how the young lady prepared the noodles with a gas cooker and then sat down to eat it with a soda.

People watched as she devoured the meal in the twinkle of an eye. @barbielayor‘s sister’s display did not sit well with many internet users.

Some people, however, thought there was nothing wrong with her eating 10 packs of noodles at once.

Watch the video below:


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Mixed reactions trailed the lady’s eating display

ℕ said:

“I no fit chop pass one and nah 2 hours I go use finish am.”

Sweet Isoken said:

“But it’s not much na Shuu na even small minie mine and y’all saying it’s much Nawa .”

MAN!Ghost ⚘❤ said:

“Babe we’re a match I love this girl because me self dey chop gbas ajeh.”

Awero savage said:

“Na 10 dis one chop wey una Dey shout the 10 no even reach me wethin dey Insyd noodles.”

D said:

“And I no fit finish one super pack‍♀️I wish I can eat well.”

aystephen said:

“Wetin be 2 eggs. Bring one crate for me jare.”


“If una dey find red flag nah here she dey ooo.”

Private said:

“After 2 I’m good I don’t even like noodles bruh who is she.”

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