“Train Her Well”: Mark Angel Finally Breaks Silence on Emanuella’s Controversial Dance Video

Mark Angel Finally Breaks Silence on Emanuella’s Controversial Dance Video
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Nigerian comedian, Mark Angel, has finally broken his silence on Emanuella’s recent controversial video.

Recall that the 13-year-old girl recently sparked outrage after a video of her catwalking and dancing in high heels trended online.

Mark Angel reacts to Emanuella's controversial dance video.
Mark Angel finally took responsibility following Emanuella’s controversial dance video. Photos: @officialemanuella
Source: Instagram

Shortly after the uproar caused by the video, Mark Angel took to his official Instagram page to address it in a press statement.

She innocently wore inappropriate clothing – Mark Angel

According to the comedian, Emanuella unfortunately wore an inappropriate dress belonging to one of her elder sisters, and she did so without their knowledge.

Not stopping there, he added that the young girl posted the controversial video on her WhatsApp status, and an adult who should have known better downloaded it and posted it on her own TikTok page.

Mark Angel said they considered the adult a family friend who should have done the right thing and called their attention to the clip because Emanuella posted it without understanding the consequences.

The elderly comedian took responsibility for Emanuella’s actions and sincerely apologised for the discomfort it caused.

Read his full statement below:

Reactions as Mark Angel speaks on Emanuella’s controversial video

Mark Angel’s statement addressing Emanuella’s controversial video was met with mixed feelings from netizens. Some of them noted that there was no reason for him to apologise.

Read some comments below:


“The video exposed all her body , at this small age , they should train her well.”


“No need for all this explanations sef that video is not bad no part of her body was exposed is just that we are in a very funny country.”


“But nothing dey the video oo.”


“Nigeria and hypocrisy na 5 and 6 .You all where actually blasting her about the vidoeooo, now y’all are saying nothing is wrong with the video you see this country called Nigeria eh , don’t give a f**k about what someone say about you , just live your life in peace.”


“There is 1001 things wrong with that video !!-Most of you won’t allow ur 13yrs old daughter do such. But bcos nah another person pikin ; Nothing do am.”


“Nigerians rest. Why is he even apologizing? He’d build entitlement to her life in Nigerians. Tchew God.”


“That dress is obviously not appropriate as it reveals some cleavage and thighs, he doesn’t owe anyone an apology however it makes sense that he comes out to acknowledge the fact that the act wasn’t meant to happen.”


“Parenting a growing child is so hard, especially the girl child. You are always trying to protect her from herself and everyone else. Somehow I am relieved I am not the only parent dealing with children who are in a hurry to grow up.”


“Please leave the young girl,she hasn’t done anything wrong.Nothing is inappropriate in that video,no matter what people will talk…”


“I can’t believe what I’m reading…. I’m 2023????? So mark angel wants to tell me that if Emmanuella come to tell him that she got rxped (Godforbid) he is going to ask her what she was putting on and most likely blame her for her choice of clothing??? What the F is this statement????”

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