“Their Friendship Is Getting Stronger”: Surprised Mum Sees Little Daughter and Nanny Bonding Sweetly

Surprised Mum Sees Little Daughter and Nanny Bonding Sweetly
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A nanny has earned accolades from folks on TikTok over her lovely attitude to her boss’ daughter.

Her boss was stunned on several occasions after she entered the room to see the little girl having a nice time with her kind nanny.

Little girl bonds with nanny, heartwarming video
Nanny and little girl bonds in video Photo Credit: @bella_andmama2/TikTok
Source: UGC

One of the clips showed the little girl lying on her nanny’s body while watching a cartoon on her phone. Another video showed them watching television together.

Sharing the lovely clip via TikTok, the girl’s mother @bella_andmama2 noted that their friendship keeps getting stronger by the day.

However, some people slammed the nanny’s boss as they claimed that the nanny was prohibited from sitting on the couch.

In an exclusive comment, the little girl’s father, John Uduma, cleared the air and described the nanny as the best care giver they’ve had so far.

In his words:

“Thanks for the shout out, that’s my daughter and her Nanny. My wife made the post.

“This is simply a pure information of how her mum is appreciative of the care the nanny gives.

“I’m the child’s dad and I can say for a fact that this is the best nanny we’ve ever had so far.”

Social media reactions

@itsjustforhahaha asked:

“Is the nanny not allowed to sit on the pleather couches?”

@prettyve24 said:

“Make she no go watch film forget pikin oh.”

@oliabebeurbanchy reacted:

“The nanny is allergic to couch.”

@greendiamond224 said:

“Looking good together.”

@user4266972050781 said:

“But their love is growing day by day, that’s what dey told us. Nigerians with investigation na 5&6.”

@francischizzy said:

“I hate some madams why not allow her to sit on the couches. Tufiakwa.”

@kioyaxoxo reacted:

“Even in my father’s house I sit on a stool most times, even on the floor and some people here are judging this woman base of a 10 sec video.”

@beckysmile1991 stated:

“And you shamlessly posted the video? does the maid even feed well? If u can see nothing wrong with this I wonder, women!”

Watch the video below:


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