“That’s very disrespectful” – Korra Obidi angry as 18-year-old Peller asks her to be his baby mama [Watch]

Korra Obidi angry as 18-year-old Peller asks her to be his baby mama [Watch]
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Popular TikToker Peller recently made headlines with his audacious proposal to dancer Korra Obidi. During a live TikTok session, Peller surprised everyone by asking Korra to be his baby mama.

The proposal came after Peller had won a game against Korra in the live session. Seizing the moment, he boldly asked her to become his baby mama, praising her beauty and expressing his growing affection for her.

Korra, a mother of two, was visibly shocked by Peller’s unexpected and daring proposal. She emphasized her surprise and even threatened to block him for being disrespectful. Peller quickly apologized, acknowledging that his proposal might have been out of line.

Adding a humorous twist to the interaction, Korra, who is 32 years old, joked that given her age, she might well be old enough to be Peller’s mother. This light-hearted banter continued when Peller, who is in his early twenties, learned of Korra’s age. He quipped that dating her would be out of the question, humorously suggesting that she was old enough to be his grandmother.

Despite the playful nature of the exchange, the incident has sparked conversations on social media about age differences in relationships and the boundaries of humor. Peller’s audacity and Korra’s graceful handling of the situation have both been subjects of widespread discussion among their followers.

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