“Somebody Save Him”: Dad Almost in Tears as Daughters Design His Face With Make-up in Video

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In a humourous TikTok video, two pretty little girls showed off their make-up skills on their father.

In the video shared by @teambribri_, the father was captured sitting patiently as his daughters enthusiastically applied makeup to his face, leaving no product untouched.

Hilarious video trends as man gets a full make-up transformation from daughters

One of the daughters went the extra mile by fixing lashes on her father, adding a touch of glamour to the transformation.

The video quickly gained popularity on TikTok, with netizens finding the daughters’ act incredibly amusing.

Many viewers commented on the special bond between fathers and daughters, reiterating how daughters often know just how to have fun with their dads.

The video also showcased the lightheartedness and joy that can be found in family relationships, even in unexpected and unconventional moments like a makeup session.

Watch the video below:


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