Nigerian Woman Buys Baby Things in Hope of Getting Pregnant, Nigerians React

Nigerian Woman Buys Baby Things in Hope of Getting Pregnant, Nigerians React
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A woman who really wanted to become a mother started buying baby things in the hope that her prayer would one day be answered.

She kept the baby things for five years but never became a mother. The woman wondered if what she bought would not expire.

Woman bought baby things

In a video she shared on TikTok, she brought some of the baby’s things out and examined them with much emotion.

Many people who watched her video said the clip made them cry. A few people advised her to give the baby things out.

Watch her video below:


I can’t do it on my own, Lord. it’s overwhelming 😭 help me🥰 #ttc #fertility #ttcjourney #expectantmother #fertilityjourney #christiantiktok #waitingmom #ivf

♬ original sound – NWA OTU ONITSHA 🧢📌🌟

Compiled some of the reactions below:

user7468628017906 said:

“Pls ma if u can do what i will tell u, it will go a long way for u. Pls dash them out, and start buying fresh things as if u are expecting.”

bosslady said:

“Pls father lord I am sharing tears writing this as you remember me last month after three years pls remember this woman pls for my sake.”

Sucre said:

“Every woman waiting here will get their bundle of joy before the year runs out ijn.”

Homobolaha Tanwah said:

“I hv been keeping mine for 13yrs, some has spoilt, O Lord pls wipe away my tears.”

winiluv53 said:

“I cried watching u, this was me 6yyears ago, but today my story has changed, i no longer remember the pain, mockery of 7yryears of waiting. i am a mother of 3 adorable kids. God will remember u.”

Evelyn Enebeli said:

“I use my twins boys as a point of contact, your case is settled by his grace.”

Peace_of Abuja said:

“No even make me cry…no just try am.”


“It will come darling, I waited for 13 years after marriage, but today I’m a proud mother of 2 sets of twins. Keep your hope alive ok Children go full your house mark my word.”

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