Nanny Rosie Recounts What She Went through while Working for the Lebanese Family, Says it Was Tough

Nanny Rosie Recounts What She Went through while Working for the Lebanese Family, Says it Was Tough
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For nearly two weeks, Rosie has been the subject of discussion on social media for different reasons.

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From her diligence that Rosie to her Lebanese employers, to questions about her sad face, to a holiday and promise of a new job.

Rosie struggled to acclimatise

A bigger percentage of those who watched videos of her interaction between her employers and their kids concluded she was a happy employee.

The notion was fortified by how Rosie’s immediate former boss begged her to return to Lebanon with her children.

If her most recent revelation is anything to go by, Rosie was not as happy in the Gulf as she portrayed.

In the video, she disclosed that it took her a while to acclimatize to the new working environment miles away from home.

Not an easy road for Nanny Rosie

According to her, it takes a lot of willpower to remain working in the Gulf, a feat only achieved by what she calls “Team Strong.”

One of her biggest challenges was loneliness, but she kept going because her eyes were set on what took her there; hustling.

“It gets very lonely. I would sit with my employer’s baby, remember my own in Kenya, and just break into tears,” she said.

Rosie also prayed for other nannies working in the Gulf, adding that things are not easy there.

Enough talk now, Rosie advised

Social media users, however, faulted the famous nanny for divulging too many personal details about herself and her former employers.

Many urged her to focus on the next step in life because she was on the verge of blocking her blessings with unnecessary revelations.

Scholar Scholar Njuguna:

“Rosa avoid social media and talking negatively about how you lived with that family. Remain positive, don’t cancel your blessings.”

Fridah Wanjiko:

“Rose, avoid anything negative about that family. Avoid social media kabisa.”

Zuena Tembo

“Don’t talk too much dear, keep them for yourself and thank god for opening another door in a miraculous way. Also, thank your Lebanese bosses because the world wouldn’t have known you.”

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