“Money, You Did this to Me”: Nigerian Man Exclaims Happily as Son Lodges Him in Hotel, Video Trends

Nigerian Man Exclaims Happily as Son Lodges Him in Hotel, Video Trends
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A video showing a man’s reaction after his son lodged him in a hotel has caused a commotion online.

Exclaiming in Igbo language, the excited man funnily tackled money for what a lack of it put him through.

Nigerian man screams after son lodged him in hotel
The man was overwhelmed with joy. Photo Credit: @iroko_bass1
Source: TikTok

“Chai. A suffer gom,” the man exclaimed in Igbo while in an elevator with his son meaning “I have really suffered.”

He appeared in deep thought for seconds before screaming excitedly again. His son videoed the heartwarming moment as he laughed at his dad.

The hotel staff too were in stitches. His son, @iroko_bass1, shared the clip on TikTok and got people talking.

Watch the video below:


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The clip warmed hearts

Honey_Badger said:

“It’s good to remember our father, same I did for my father when i was in Nigeria, I flew him to lagos and we stayed at Chesney hotel.”

am_oliviachris0 said:

“May your pocket never run dry, more money to make him happier Amen.”

Roseline said:

“The first time i invited my both perents to my house ..my dad refuse to lay on the bed ..his reasons is that he does not want to stain my bed.”

Nothing but joy said:

“As you lodge him give am two babes that man done try.”

Donojc7 said:

“Not always our mothers, our fathers don over see shege and they deserve some love.”

Miranda Jane said:

“If na my papa he no go gree go ooo.

”He go say na waste of money.”

Chommy babby said:

“I tears up watching this Because this is how I want to treat my dad I want to fly him to Lagos lodge him in a good hotel and giving him a king treat.”

Brandy chukudubem said:

“Make sure to give am one girl make he take follow up oh.”

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