“It’s Not Easy”: Irritated Pregnant Woman Covers Nose With Mask While Cooking Soup, Video Goes Viral

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A video of a pregnant woman cooking with a mask covering her nose was shared online.

The woman was spotted turning her soup with a spoon in the kitchen in the video trending on TikTok.

Pregnant woman irritated by odour of soup.
The woman covered her nose with a mask. Photo credit: TikTok/@ladyfaithqueen.
Source: TikTok

She appeared irritated by the aroma of the soup, so she had to cover her nose with a thick fabric.

The woman meticulously poured seasoning into her soup pot and stirred it continuously.

Some women reacted to the video by sharing their own pregnancy experiences in terms of what they avoided or craved. The video was shared by @ladyfaithqueen.

Watch the video below:


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