“Igbo Tradition Doesn’t Support Us to Kneel for Woman”: Lady Kneels as Her Man Proposes on His Feet

Lady Kneels as Her Man Proposes on His Feet
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A Nigerian youth, Nwafo Felix O Sun, proposed marriage to his girlfriend in an unusual manner by doing it on his feet while she knelt.

An excited Felx shared a picture from his successful marriage proposal as he welcomed his heartthrob home.

In a Facebook post, Felix sang his praise for being the first man to command respect from a woman.

He noted that men have made the mistake for years, but stated that the igbo tradition doesn’t support kneeling for a woman.

Felix added that he abode by the Igbo tradition as a custodian of the culture. Speaking further, Felix said that a woman’s submissiveness builds a home. Felix’s Facebook post read:

“The first man to command respect from a woman after several years of mistake.

“Igbo tradition doesn’t support us to kneel for woman.

“As a custodian of culture, I abide by the rules.

“Submissiveness of woman builds a happy home.

“Eliza welcome.

“My ways are positively different.

“Story long.”

People congratulate Nwafo Felix

Favour Kalu said:

“Congratulations .

“But the ring method is not an Igbo culture….just go to her father’s house and tell the father you want to pluck pawpaw from his backyard and pay bride price that is the traditional way of an Igbo man…..congratulations my boss your home is blessed.”

Emeka Obinwanne said:

“I was there.

“To God be the glory .

“Congratulations my dear brother!”

Gini Gold said:

“Congratulations to you and Eliza, may the good Lord grant your heart desire.”

Alinco Alinco said:

“Igbotic Man.

“Congratulations to you Brotherly. This is the Normal way and thing to do.”

Jane Achu said:

“Congratulations my brother, but u no invite me ooo.”

Lee Tansi said:

“Congratulation to you Mama I wish you happy marriage life I am the happiest person on Earth kudos to you Mama.”

Ada Omenuko Preshy said:

“Congratulations Dear ok u v see the Eliza indeed ur home is blessed.”

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