If a man can spend up to N20M on me weekly, he can get in between my legs – Saida BOJ boasts (Video)

If a man can spend up to N20M on me weekly, he can get in between my legs – Saida BOJ boasts (Video)
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Notable Nigerian influencer Saida Boj recently sparked mixed reactions online with her bold statement that she would allow any man to go between her legs if he can spend up to N20 million on her weekly.

Saida Boj made this revelation while featuring as a guest on the audio-visual podcast “The Honest Bunch,” hosted by media personality Nedu and co-podcasters. During the discussion, she emphasized that she values financial capability over prolonged courtship.

Previously, Saida Boj had made headlines for stating that her talking stage with a man lasts only 24 hours. She explained that if she gives a man her number in the morning, she expects him to start spending on her by the afternoon. This, she says, is a test to determine if the man is truly capable and worth her time, as she does not want any additional stress in her life.

In response to a female podcaster’s comment that some men would go to any length, including spending any amount of money, to get between her legs, Saida Boj confidently stated that if a man can spend N20 million to N50 million on her weekly, he can have his way. She added that N20 million is a substantial amount of money and allowing such a man once wouldn’t hurt her. Saida Boj further mentioned that during their intimate time, it would be the man doing all the work while she simply benefits from the financial gain.

Her statements have stirred a lot of debate online, with opinions divided on her perspective regarding relationships and financial transactions.

Watch the video below;

See reactions below;

karensugar35: You see the reason why some guys don’t have respect for ladies. Gen z generation with empty brain.

heyfeyzeeno’: This girl really thinks herself high😂😂.

timitainer:  Shamelessness is the absence or disregard of the feeling of shame. Individuals exhibiting shamelessness are typically unconcerned with the social norms, moral standards, or expectations that dictate appropriate behavior. They act without fear of judgment, disapproval, or the emotional consequences typically associated with shame, such as embarrassment or humiliation. Shameless behavior can be observed in various contexts, ranging from minor social faux pas to significant ethical breaches. It often involves a blatant disregard for the opinions or feelings of others, and can be perceived as bold, audacious, or even disrespectful. While some may view shamelessness as a form of confidence or self-assuredness, it can also be seen as a lack of empathy, sensitivity, or social awareness. Psychologically, shamelessness might stem from a variety of sources. It could be a defense mechanism to protect against vulnerability, a result of cultural or environmental factors that de-emphasize the importance of social norms, or indicative of certain personality traits or disorders. In some cases, shamelessness may lead to social friction or conflict, as the individual’s actions clash with collective expectations. Addressing shamelessness often involves fostering greater empathy, self-awareness, and understanding the impact of one’s behavior on others.

mr.agugua: Men Shey una see wetin una dey cause abi ? Because at the end of the day I no go blame these women. Na some of una be the enablers of those fatuous behaviors. I honestly don’t blame her .

opeyemioshibajo:  People wey dey interview this girl need go jail. Cause this girl is a bad influence gba. She needs to be stopped. Wo ju werey 😠.

jjoan18:  If u have a female sibling that is not disgracing your family name online, u don’t know what God has done for you 😂.

_cici_nita:  So your exs have given you 20million before? If you had 3 exs that’s like 60million😂😂😂 Oya na.

officialethanol:  Oloriburuku how much ur papa get for account? What’s special about ur Toto ? Shior.

rick_global: 20m for person wey one Married man just chop fr free some days back?😂😂.

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