“I Was Thinking He is a Girl”: Lady Flaunts Her Handsome Younger Brother, Wears Him Beautiful Wig

Lady Flaunts Her Handsome Younger Brother, Wears Him Beautiful Wig
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Many are reacting to the video of a young boy who looked so handsome that people mistook him for a girl.

In the video posted by @mimanuked001, the young boy was with his elder sister, who was using him as a mannequin.

Young boy who looks like a girl.
The boy looks so handsome that people are admiring him. Photo credit: TikTok/@mimanuked001.
Source: TikTok

The lady was working on her wig, which she put on the boy’s head. He seemed to like it as he kept moving his head sideways.

Mima said the boy was the only male child in their house.

His handsomeness was not lost on those who saw the video. Some said he was prettier than some girls.

Watch the video below:


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Reactions as lady uses her handsome brother as a mannequin

@chrisyoun0 said:

“This guy fine pass most girls.”

@TOXIC Nicky commented:

“I was thinking he is a girl.”

@Sad_pony said:

“Ahhh nah me be this. Them don brush wig tire for my head.”

@lil centinal said:

“Not me admiring the beauty before realizing in the end that he was a boy.”

@KR KC reacted:

“He’s very pretty, that’s all I can say. Yall got great genes.”

@chika said:

“You’re more beautiful than my girlfriend.”

@Zainab qassim said:

“But the sister fine too ooo. Ebe like say everybody for your house fine.”

@user5129883990725 commented:

“I had this experience of being the only boy with four girls as sister.”

@sokky asked:

“If this boy fine like this, how the sisters go con dey?”

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