“I Was Poor When I Was Collecting Salary”: EBSU Graduate Dumps Job, Starts Making Plantain Chips

EBSU Graduate Dumps Job, Starts Making Plantain Chips
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Instead of depending on a monthly salary, a Nigerian lady took the decision to start a business of her own.

The lady, Ezike Theresa Osinachi, studied marketing at Ebonyi State University (EBSU), but she refused to be entirely dependent on her certificate for survival.

Osinachi, a Nigerian lady who sells snacks.
Osinachi said she started a business to eliminate her dependence on salaried jobs. Photo credit: TikTok/tom_confectioneries.
Source: TikTok

She noted that as a graduate and a salary earner, having to wait until the end of the month before she could buy anything was very distressing.

How Osinachi decided to focus on business

Osinachi said in a short chat:

“I was always broke when I was working. Having to wait till month end to have money for my personal needs is crazy, and at month end, I will still not get paid my salary, one excuse or the other, and I have always wanted to be a businesswoman, though it hasn’t been easy but my hard work is gradually beginning to pay off.”

Osinachi said she worked in three different places before she decided to start her own business. She said her efforts are beginning to pay off.

Her words:

“I worked in three places before I finally decided to face my business. I worked in 2 different casinos in Ibadan and worked as a project manager with an IT firm here in Lagos.”

Osinachi is now focusing on building her brand in the Nigerian snack industry. She makes kuli kuli, plantain chips, chin chin, peanut burgers, potato chips, and cashew nuts in unique ways and sells them to her growing customers.

How to maximise profit in business

She revealed that the business was profitable and shared some insights on how to go about it. Her words:

“Yes, the business is very profitable if you learn the trade. Every business has a secret, and if you go into the business with the right knowledge and insight, such as sourcing of raw materials, costing, pricing of the business and mentorship from those who have been in the business for years, you will maximize profit.”

Although her business is thriving, Osinachi said she had plans to further her education.

She said:

“Over the years, I have attended courses and training in business to help me improve my marketing knowledge and I hope to further my education in business soonest.”

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