“I Don’t Want Her to Come back”: Nanny Rosie’s Oyinbo Madam Stuns People in New Video

Nanny Rosie's Oyinbo Madam Stuns People in New Video
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Rosie’s Lebanon employer’s wife has said she doesn’t want the Kenyan lady to come back.

The woman disclosed this in a new video release uploaded on their TikTok page.

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The woman said she doesn’t want Rosie back. Photo Credit: @maria.cataleya.official
Source: TikTok

Rosie had become a viral sensation after videos of her employer’s kids and parents weeping as she returned to Kenya blew up across social media platforms.

Before now, the white woman and her husband had appealed to Rosie to make haste and return to Lebanon but her change of mind shocked people.

Why she doesn’t want Rosie back

In the new video, the white woman, whose kids Rosie cared for as a nanny, stated that it was not ideal for her to return.

According to the oyinbo, Rosie should stay back in Kenya and enjoy her time with her kids.

She thought Rosie would get more opportunities owing to the viral videos and didn’t want her to miss out on any of them. Her statement in full reads:

“Of course, I hope she would be able to come back but I don’t think so.

“It is like, I don’t want her to come back. I want her to enjoy her time with her kids and maybe stay with her kids.

“Because I am pretty sure after this viral video she would be able to get better opportunities when coming to Lebanon.

“And if I was her, I’d stay in Kenya with my kids. I’d never come back to Lebanon. That is my message to Rosie. Don’t come back. But, it is up to her.”

Watch the video below:


My message to rosie : dont come back stay with your kids 🥹#mariacataleya #viral #love #africa #kenya

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The woman’s message to Rosie generated a buzz

Queen Febe said:

“Hello madam let’s Rosie decide for herself because you’re the reason Rosie become a celebrity.”

khadraali470 said:

“Rosie is a good nanny she will get a good job. You keep your kids and have time to bond with them.”

P.Onyeke said:

“This woman means well for Rosie.

“She noticed Rosie has gotten a lot of offers and doesn’t want her to miss the opportunity.”

mickypowder 1 said:

“She is afraid of the love her kids nd the husband have for Rosie.”

Manza said:

“I don’t understand why people being so mean in comments. This lady would love Rosie to come back. However, understood Rosie has kids as well.”

nancyatieno576 said:

“Rosie has been fired, oh my God.”

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