“I can’t believe that this is my Daughter” – Nigerian Father Upset Over Daughter’s Viral TikTok Tw3rking Video (Watch)

Nigerian Father Upset Over Daughter’s Viral TikTok Tw3rking Video (Watch)
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A Nigerian father has expressed his disappointment after stumbling upon a viral video capturing his beloved daughter, Blessing, partaking in ceiling challenge on TikTok.

This comes after a 100 level student from Madonna university got expelled after joining the viral TikTok video.

The ceiling challenge is one of trending sensation on TikTok that entails social media users gluing their phones on their ceiling as they showcased their dance moves and creativity while lying on the floor. It has taken internet by storm, with participants from various age groups joining in on the fun.

However, the dad discovered the video of his daughter twerking energetically as part of his trend.

In a WhatsApp conversation shared online, the man, visibly upset, revealed that he could not believe his eyes as he slammed Blessing for engaging in such immoral acts.

He vowed not to see her daughter again if she did not delete the video from internet.

Watch the videos below:


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