“First Time I am Seeing This”: Nigerian Lady Honours Her Dad, Put Her Graduation Gown on Him

Nigerian Lady Honours Her Dad, Put Her Graduation Gown on Him
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A video of Nigerian lady who honored her father with her graduation gown by wearing it on him has gained attention.

The lady appreciated her father’s effort to make sure she started and completed her undergraduate degree and did not hold back in appreciating him.

Photo of father and daughter
Daughter was very proud of her father. Photo credit: @abby_fred1
Source: TikTok

She also added that her father deserved the degree more than her as he did all the hardwork to make sure she remained focused on learning while in school.

Watch the video below:

Some of the reactions below:

IIValentine reacted:

“First time seeing a girl in this generation that appreciates her dad for once. God bless yoU dear.”

Tommy-n said:

“As you remember to appreciate your dad and wore him this gown and cap, so shall God wear you a cap no man will remove.”

Amy best wrote:

“Congratulations, I will be graduating next no parents if you are seeing this comment I wish to celebrate with yoU next year been my graduation.”

Shola10 commented:

“This is beautiful…. He will live long to eat the fruit of his labour. Amen!”

Chuzeromiky also commented:

“With the tears in my eyes ….u just got a follower.”

Ami for real:

“Rest in peace for we those who father’s are gone forever.”

Simply Beautiful:

“If men are going pay attention to their children and pay their bills trust next generation will love their dad and appreciate them.”


“On my graduation day I won’t even invite my dad only my mum and big brother. If my dad come uninvited i will embarrass himn.”


“I still love my dad more than my mom I don’t know why rest in peace daddy.”

Dr Francis NwosU:

“This lady will surely make a good wife.”

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