“Even Washing Machine Will Reject It”: Mum Cries Out as Her Little Son Returns Home In Dirty Clothes

Mum Cries Out as Her Little Son Returns Home In Dirty Clothes
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A Nigerian mother has left netizens on TikTok in stitches after posting a video of her handsome little son.

The clip shared via her official account @perpetual4 showed the little boy returning home with his clothes looking very dirty.

Cute boy returns home in dirty clothes
Little boy arrives home in dirty clothes Photo credit: @perpetual4/TikTok.
Source: TikTok

The little boy majestically walked into the compound as his mother filmed him and the stains on his clothes.

“Even washing machine will reject this dress”, his mother reacted.

Sharing the clip, the heartbroken mother also added a hilarious voice note with the sound:

“Why is the world so wicked, why is the heart so evil?”

Reactions trail video of little boy returning home with stained clothes

Some of the reactions below

@akosuaserwaa43 said:

“My question is why is he wearing his sister’s clothes?”

@mide_royale commented:

“After a very stressful day at work you cannot even welcome him with a very chilled juice.”

@vic_toriaaa4 reacted:

“Please leave are alone o. If u want to know what you did at her age, asked your mum.”

@michellemaame_ said:

“I am sure he came really quick after her sister was born unannounced. He go wear Maa ta taya.”

@olamitundemi2020 added:

“Welcome him with cold juice unless we sue okay.”

Watch the video below:



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