Europa League Final: Cute Video Shows Ademola Lookman’s Mum, Dad Celebrating with Him on Pitch

Cute Video Shows Ademola Lookman's Mum, Dad Celebrating with Him on Pitch
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A video of Ademola Lookman celebrating with his parents after Wednesday’s Europa League final win against Bayern Leverkusen has made netizens emotional.

The Super Eagles player, who was at AFCON 2023, netted a hat-trick to hand the Bundesliga champions their first defeat in 51 games.

In an X clip shared by @YoungGeeOD, Lookman was soaking in the historic moment while holding the match ball when his overjoyed mum ran towards him and hugged him tightly.

The proud mum gave the Atlanta FC winger a peck before his father joined the celebration.

@YoungGeeOD, who shared the clip, however, came under fire for spotlighting only Lookman’s mother.

@YoungGeeOD’s caption of the video, which angered many, read:

“Mother’s Love is the best.”

Watch the video below:

@YoungGeeOD dragged for excluding Lookman’s dad

@darkskinnoble7 said:

“Oh wow .

“Apparently the father was even present in the stadium as well & the media made it look like it was only the mother that came to support him .

“This is so unfair and not nice to we men and fathers.

“Lookman is probably a father too.”

@tosinjones_gidi said:

“E show say ona papa na bad person.

“Cus I don’t even get why everyone keeps praying for just mother ooo.


@Victorfelix042 said:

“Please try and forgive your father. This post says a lot about home. For my house, my father and mother love are the best.”

@Seun_bask said:

“Na you and your siblings sabi wetin una papa do una ohhh. My own father and mother love is the best.”

@KingBrownChiki said:

“So you didn’t see the father.”

@Ovoh_of_Lagos said:

“Women don’t train with their son on the pitch from start.

“It’s their father or the trainer.”

@Promise30_ said:

“LMAOOOO. Guess you didn’t know the father was also present right? Or Father’s Love is the worst?”

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