“Doctors Confirmed I Had No Womb”: Small-Sized Woman Shows Off Her Twins Years Later, Video Trends

Small-Sized Woman Shows Off Her Twins Years Later, Video Trends
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Social media has been abuzz after a young mother shared a remarkable story about her twin children on TikTok.

In the video shared via her account @poshmata, she proudly showed off her twin children and shared the story behind their birth.

Small-sized woman shows off her twin children
Small-sized woman shows off her twin children Photo credit: @poshmata/TikTok.
Source: TikTok

Posh claims she didn’t have a womb before birth of her children

According to Posh, doctors confirmed that she didn’t have a womb and chances of having children waweren’teasible.

However, not too long after the doctor made the claim, she got pregnant and had her twin babies.

Sharing a video of the kids on TikTok, she said:

“My twins made me believe that what God cannot do does not exist. Wombless woman carrying twins successfully for 10 months and came out to be adorable and cuties. Doctor confirmed I don’t have womb when I was 20 years.”

Reactions as woman who claimed she had no womb flaunts twin children on TikTok

Reactions have trailed the viral video as netizens share their thoughts about her story.

@cashedkind said:

“Wow great is his ways. I am patiently waiting upon him.”

@beckytv6 wrote:

“God should have saved my father’s life. He believed so much in him.”

@pepspecial1 said:

“God is wonderful and ur children are so beautiful.”

@cassandrannka reacted:

“That’s why I call him extraordinary Strategist!He is almighty.”

@somzy550 reacted:

“My God is a miracle working God my impossibility specialist.”

@ayeeabigail3 reacted:

“His says are always final! Let the tired soul keep trusting in him.”

@pri.b12 added:

“God save my father from his evil family that accused him of killing their children day before yesterday, but he told me his God will fight for him.”

@user1617400696739 added:

“Wahoo, your video inspires me, God be with you guys.”

Watch the video below:


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