“Can Never Be Me”: Lady Shares Video as She Climbs Rope During Man O’ War Drills in NYSC Camp

Lady Shares Video as She Climbs Rope During Man O' War Drills in NYSC Camp
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Mixed reactions trailed the video of a Nigerian lady who climbed a rope during the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) orientation camp.

The lady performed the challenging task during Man O’ War drills, and many people commended her bravery.

Lady performs Man O War drills.
The lady was spotted performing Man O’ War drills at NYSC camp. Photo credit: TikTok/@elendora23.
Source: TikTok

In a video posted by @elendora23, the lady mounted the rope tethered between two strong platforms.

She courageously glided downwards until she got to the lowest point and successfully made it to the ground.

However, safety measures were taken before she embarked on the journey to ensure she wouldn’t fall off the rope.

Watch the video below:


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Reactions as lady performs Man O’ War drills

@Shema asked:

“What’s the need for all this training? Because I never still understand. Dem won go war?”

@brenda ezinne commented:

“I never did all this training. I was always in the clinic attending to sick people.”

@user331695753168 said:

“Not me…under tyre self I skipped. What do we have in Nigeria that I will risk my life for?”

@T Boy said:

“Bo be this kind things family send you to do.”

@sakiabdallah said:

“My sister don’t go and destroy that place please.”

@Trick asked:

“That rope wey dem put for her leg na wetin? So if she wan fall na wetin go save am?”

@abbaadamumar commented:

“She really tried.”

@Ella6225 said:

“Can never be me.”

@PFA said:

“Waiting for you to fall but you made it congratulations.”

@Glory said:

“Rope obstacle is really scary. So glad I did it in my secondary school. It was nice.”

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